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Bell Gym's WSMR Insta Challenge

Take the selfie/picture challenge

Note: This event has already passed.

Each week in May, visit a designated location on WSMR!

Find something cool take a picture of it! See a beautiful backdrop take a selfie of the location!

Then post your photos to Bell Gym's Facebook page with a caption about your favorite part of the walk/hike. Then add #bellgympictureperfect, #homebodiesforhealthybodies at the end of your caption.

Weekly designated WSMR locations:

Week Location
May 3rd - 9th WSMR Missile Park
May 10th - 16th Desert Emerald Park
May 17th - 23rd The "A Frame" Hike
May 24th - 30th Any Desert Route




FREE for all to participate

Registration Information

No registration needed, please share your photos to:

For more information please call the number below